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All ife Life Insurance & Disability Cover

AllLife is an insurance company that stands out from the crowd. This company has a unique mission – to help those who live with HIV or suffer from diabetes. These people are normally considered “uninsurable” due to their health condition which unfortunately means that most standard insurance companies won’t be able to cover them.

But this is a state of affairs that is both sad and unfair, because these people are exactly those who need life insurance and disability cover. For diabetics, the risk of strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure and other serious health problems are real and represent a constant danger. And we all know how unreliable the things are for those who are HIV positive.

So, these people would definitely appreciate having life insurance and disability cover.

AllLife – “Be the change you want to see in the world”

AllLife exists since 2004. In 2005, this company was the first one in the world that offered full life cover to people who live with HIV or diabetes.

From that moment on, AllLIfe changed the life of thousands, motivating those people to believe in tomorrow and live the life to the fullest. So, this company indeed is there to help people increase the quality of their lives.

Living with HIV or diabetes is stressful for both your family and you. And since there are greater chances that something might happen to you, you should start thinking about your future. Life insurance and/or disability cover is just what you and your family need.

In addition to that, the company also offers adherence management program.

  • Disability cover will give you and your family the chance to continue living comfortably, in case something happens to you.
  • Due to adherence management program, the individuals can get many benefits and improve their well-being.
  • Life insurance will ensure your family is well taken care of if you pass away. They will continue living without worrying if they will have enough money to buy the essential things.

AllLife Insurance Services at a glance

  • Disability Cover for people who are HIV positive or have diabetes
  • Life Insurance for people who are HIV positive or have diabetes

More about life insurance

Choose what you need

You can only take life insurance, or you can add Optimum Disability Cover. That way, you will have all-in-one protection.

Up to R 10 million
You can get up to R10 million, and you won’t have to wait for your cover. There is no waiting period. Moreover, premiums can start at R130 a month.

Every second matters

Getting life insurance at some companies is a long and painful process. But, not with AllLife! Forget about all the paperwork and long application forms. AllLife finds every second important, thus it has a simple application process.

You just need to send an email to consultants or call them. From there, everything will go smoothly and quickly. Before you even notice, you’ll be insured. And more importantly, there are no hidden fees. What you see is what you get – so don’t worry about it.

And there you have it – the company that will not neglect you but instead helps you out. Living with HIV or diabetes is already hard enough, so getting life insurance and/or disability cover will give you the peace of mind. And it will also eliminate the pressure, allowing you to live every day the best you can.