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Before being known today as Union Life Insurance, the company was first registered as Road Funeral Undertakers in 1935 and was later called HTG Life in 1993. From HTG it again changed its name in 1998 to Union Life Insurance. Union Life Insurance is fully black-owned and is Financial Services Board Rules & Regulations compliant.

Union Life Insurance offers funeral insurance, life policies and policy benefits under assistance. They recognise the hardship of people leaving family members without anything to get by when they pass on. That is why their life and funeral insurance policies are tailor made to suit the needs of South Africans, who mostly live with an extended family.

Premiums offered by Union Life Insurance are competitive so customers can afford to pay them without having to spend too much but still get a quality life insurance.

Funeral Insurance

Union Life Insurance’s Funeral Plans have three different policies: MyFamily Funeral Plan Full Family, Single Parent and Member Only. MyFamily Funeral Plan has three categories: MyFamily 6, MyFamily 10 and My Family 12. Each of these policies only has one premium for all beneficiaries, no medical exams required and claims can be processed as fast as 48 hours.

• MyFamily 6 Funeral Plan covers the member, his or her spouse and four more beneficiaries. This plan covers up to R30,000 for only R110 premium each month.
• MyFamily 8 Funeral Plan covers the member, his or her spouse and six more beneficiaries. It covers up to R30,000 for R225 monthly.
• MyFamily 12 Funeral Plan covers the member, his or her spouse and ten more beneficiaries. The policy covers up to R19,000, with a monthly premium of R240.

The Single Parent Funeral Plan can be availed of for as low as R80 per month for coverage of up to R 19,000. This plan covers the member and up to six more of the member’s children.

The Member Only Funeral Plan covers the member up to R19,000 for only R65 per month. As this is in individual plan, any additional member the policyholder wants to be covered will required the payment of an additional premium.

Life Insurance

Union Life offers insurance plans that can be custom-made to the clients’ needs so they can leave a substantial amount to their family members by the time of their death. Clients can apply for a life insurance of up to R200,000. Immediate processing of claims is guaranteed for beneficiaries, which can be as fast as 48 hours after completion of claims.

Life and Funeral Plan Applications

Applying for Union Life Insurance’s products can be done online. You just have to visit the Company’s website to apply as well as request a quote for your chosen policy. But should you wish to speak to a representative personally, there is an option for Union Life to call you back. You’ll be able to discuss the various policies in detail and have a better understanding of each one before you commit to buying a life insurance.

Contact Details

Head Office:
Telephone Number: 011 783 3578
Address: 91 Central Avenue, Houghton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2198

Administration Office:
Telephone Number: 021 970 2500
Address: 19 Oxford Street, Durbanville, 7550


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