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MiWayLife’s mission is to provide something different for each of their clients, and thus strives to create products that deviates from a standard life insurance that most life insurers offer.

MiWayLife creates personalized life and funeral cover that are tailor fit to the lifestyle of South Africans, which tends to be different from other cultures. Central to its various products is the 4-in-1 policy that requires only a single premium each month. This is a life and funeral policy that has the option for the entire extended family of a client to be covered.

A life insurance is a good way to ensure that your love ones will have financial security in the event of your passing. When you pair it with a funeral cover, you are also taking into consideration that a sudden death can cause problems, particularly when it comes to finances, as handling funeral services is always stressful. MiWayLife’s life and funeral cover sees to it that both issues are considered to alleviate the worries and stresses of all those that are left behind. It is also very convenient as the client will only need one extensive policy instead of handling separate coverage plans.

Comprehensive insurance plan

MiWayLife is comprehensive, encompassing both life insurance and funeral cover. The policyholder can provide cover for the spouse, siblings, children, in-laws and other relatives in the extended family. The monthly premium is even reduced. With only one policy to pay for, it means savings for the policy holder. It also means less hassle and less paperwork.

The comprehensive insurance plan offered by MiWayLife’s premium begins for as low as R149 per month for a R500,000 insurance cover. This plan requires no invasive medical tests for the policyholder. If you have the capacity, you can buy a life cover that is worth R5 million. The entire process can be done over the phone.

Payment and provisions

In case the policyholder or a beneficiary dies, a portion of the insurance benefit is paid out quickly. This allows the family to provide a respectful and dignified funeral for the deceased. This alleviates the immediate financial worry of the family, in an attempt to lessen their distress.

The 4-in-1 policy of MiWayLife also has a terminal illness accelerator. This is a provision for living benefits, meaning if the policyholder has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, you can arrange to have the pay out of your life insurance. You’ll then be able to enjoy the rest of your time with your family in utter comfort.

Family protection

A MiWayLife comprehensive life insurance plan provides protection to your family if you pass away. The company sees to it that family members left behind by the policyholder will have some financial security, and they can use the benefits in the best way they see fit. The claims procedure of MiWayLife is very efficient and easy.

The company also makes it easy for the policyholder to amend the life cover based on their current or foreseen circumstances. If everything checks out, you can be covered by MiWayLife in as short as 10 minutes, with the entire process done over the phone.

Contact information

Physical Address:
48 Sterling Road,
Samrand Business Park,
Kosmosdal Ext 12, Centurion, 0157

Postal Address:
PostNet Suite #382,
Private Bag X121,
Halfway House,

Phone: 0860 64 64 64
Fax: 011 990 0001
International: +27 11 990 0000

Emergency assistance: 08600 767 64 (24 hours a day)

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