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Frank.net Life Insurance & Cover

FRANK.NET life insurance has established itself as one of South Africa’s preferred life insurance providers by offering affordable, simple to understand life insurance policies that are designed to protect your family should you die.

A large part of being the provider for your family is ensuring that your’re loved ones are well taken care financially should you die. For many people, this is an uncomfortable scenario, but don’t let your fears keep you from planning ahead – contact FRANK.NET today to find out how you can ensure the financial safety of your loved ones!

Why Frank.net Life Insurance?

Selecting the proper provider for life insurance is a very involved process and you need to make sure that you partner with someone that is trustworthy, transparent and affordable – as well as make sure that they pay out! Whilst there are dozens of online life insurance providers operating in South Africa, FRANK.NET set themselves apart by providing a simple, straightforward solution that is tailor made to your needs and affordable enough for anyone, irrespective of your current financial circumstance.

FRANK.NET offers the following benefits that have helped them become one of the most reputable life investment companies in South Africa:

  • Simple, paperless online application
  • Telephonic application
  • Tailor made policies around your individual risk profile
  • Beneficiaries can receive up to R10 million, tax-free
  • Cover boundaries can be changed depending on your changing circumstances

How To Apply?

Choosing your life insurance provider is not always easy and there is a lot of complicated terminology…below we’ve tried to explain the most important points you should consider when applying for FRANK.NET life cover:

Your monthly Life Cover premium – the amount that you have to pay each month – is determined by a number of factors, including personal details such as type of employment, lifestyle choices and medical history.

As such, you need to keep your provider informed about any changes in the above – particularly around your health, employment status, or high-risk lifestyle changes. This could result in your premiums being amended. However, if you are not truthful about any changes to your risk profile, this could lead to future claims being decreased or even denied!

You should also always follow proper medical advice when you are sick or feel ill so as not to deliberately injure yourself. HIV testing is required by all life insurance providers, and you should be prepared to provide and up-to-date HIV test with your application. Click here for more info on life insurance and HIV.

Why risk leaving your family in desperate financial distress when you depart – care for them today by contacting Frank.net! Get a quote in less than 5 minutes and start on the journey towards financial security.

Frank.net Life Insurance Contact Details

  • Address: FRANK.NET, 8th Floor, Eleven Adderley, 11 Adderley Street, Cape Town
  • Phone Number:0860 722 227
  • Fax Numbers – Claims: (011) 408 7240
  • Fax Numbers – Service:(011) 408 7257
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Products promoted on this site are underwritten by FRANK Life Limited. Quotations and subsequent financial services are provided by Frank Financial Services (FSP: 40948). Both trade as FRANK.NET.

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