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Different Life offers inexpensive, simple and effective life insurance products. Their services are offered online to provide more people access to products and services wherever they are at their own time and convenience. Modern technology allows Different Life to provide quotes, process applications and sell insurance policies efficiently and quickly.

Different Life offers a unique service and experience for its insurance policy holders – by helping someone less fortunate. The first monthly premium payment, and the first payment a policy holder pays each year goes to a Different Donation, the fund whereby you as the donor, has the right to choose to which charity to send it to via the company’s charity division, Different.org. This means that you only pay 11 monthly premiums each year instead of 12.

The company also offers a referral program. If the person you refer to Different Life buys an insurance policy, you get an additional Different Donation of one month, which you can send to a charity of your choice through Different.org’s website.

Underwriting the policies of Different Life is Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited.

Different Life Insurance Products

Different Life Cover

This insurance plan pays out the sum assured if you die from natural or unnatural causes. The payout goes direct to your beneficiaries. It can be used for the following:

• To settle school fees, pay medical bills, family and personal debts
• Investment income for the beneficiaries’ regular expenses including cost of living and education.
• Financial inheritance to those left behind

Life Cover will not pay if your death is intentional (suicide) and other specific conditions related to your lifestyle and your health. You will be informed about this while your insurance application is being processed.

You can buy a Life Cover policy that amounts to R100,000 up to R10 million. As this is a life insurance, the coverage will expire after your death. Life Cover is also customizable, so you can add the following:

• guaranteed insurability benefit
• double accident
• terminal illness benefit
• accelerated funeral

Different Life Salary Protection

Salary Protection will provide a monthly income to the insured should he or she becomes disabled through injury or illness and cannot work. The monthly stipend starts three months after you’ve been off work. The income is 75% of your after-tax income based on your latest salary range. Payment of the monthly income can be up to 12 months, after which you will be assessed to see if you can still work. Different Life will also help look for an alternative job for you based on your training, education and skill. If it is confirmed that you are disabled, your monthly benefit will be paid until you either recover, turns 65 years or age or die.

You can buy a Salary Protection Policy from R5,000 up to R90,000 per month based on 75% of your current after-tax income.

Different Life Disability Cover

This policy pays the total of the coverage in one payout it you are permanently disabled due to injury or illness. You have the choice on how you can use the insurance money. There are several conditions that should be met regarding this insurance coverage. Consult the Different Life website to learn more. Depending on your income you are qualified to buy a policy worth between R100,000 and R10 million.

Different Life Critical Illness Cover

You can buy this insurance policy to guarantee that you and your family will have some financial security in case of you developing cancer, has a stroke, heart attack or a heart bypass surgery. Based on your financial capability you can buy a Critical Illness Cover worth R100,000 up to R5 million. Check the website for additional information and conditions applicable to the Critical Illness Cover.

Different Life Contact information:

  • Address:Building A, Bryanston Corner, 18 Ealing Crescent, Bryanston, Johannesburg 2021
  • Phone: 010 020 1921
  • Email: info@differentlife.co.za
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