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The Clientèle Limited Group has been serving South African clients for more than 20 years. It offers several easy and convenient financial services products. The company is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Clientèle Limited’s business model has a great impact on the success of Clientèle Life, shown by its continuous growth.

Clientèle Life offers several life insurance products that fit various income levels and lifestyles of South Africans.

Standard – Lasting Dignity Cash Back Plan

The Lasting Dignity Cash Back Plan is one of the most popular plans that has helped many South Africans who wish to take care of their families even if he or she is no longer with them . The plan’s monthly premium payment starts at R130, and pays between R10,000 and R200,000. In case of death of the policyholder, the first R10,000 will be paid within 24 hours after receipt of death notice. There is no medical examination requisite to qualify for the Lasting Dignity Cash Back Plan. It includes immediate cover in case of accidental death and provides cash back option after every payment of 60 premiums. Another provision is the 75% cash advance payment in case the policyholder has been diagnosed to be terminally ill.

Ultimate Life Plan

In this plan, you have the option to receive 50% of the premiums in cash when you reach the age of 65 because in all probability you are no longer working and therefore has no income. The balance of the insurance plan will be paid to your beneficiaries when you pass away. This benefit is given to those policyholders who joined before they reach the age of 50. Monthly premium for this plan starts at R190 for a plan that pays up to R200,000, with the first R20,000 given within 24 hours upon death. It also offers an optional cash back benefit when you’ve reached 60 premium payments. It also includes accidental death benefits as well as a cash advance of 75% if you become terminally ill.

Premium Life Plan

Monthly premium payment for the Premium Life Plan starts at R215 and you can buy a policy that will give R10 million life cover. The premium you’ll pay for this plan depends on your risk profile, although it does not require a full medical examination report. The company will do one blood test, using their own medical personnel. Like their other plans, it offers a cash back option after 60 premium payments, an optional Disability cover (additional) for up to R5 million and an optional additional Critical Illness cover for up to R3 million.

Accidental Death Plan

Clientèle has several Accidental Death plans that cover not only you but also your family. Monthly premium payment starts at R130 for a policy that pays up to R100,000.

Clientèle Funeral Dignity Plan

This can cover up to 13 persons in a single plan, with monthly premium that starts at R99. Family Cover is about R110,000 and pay out is within 24 hours. It provides R200 free airtime when you claim as well as grocery and unveiling benefits. Check the company’s website for additional information.

Clientèle Ultimate Dignity Plan

This funeral plan gives back all the premiums you’ve paid and the full amount of the policy after a valid death claim. New benefit is the payment of 50% of the premiums paid once the policyholder reaches 65 years of age. This is available for clients who join before they turn 50. The balance of the premiums will be paid to your beneficiaries upon your death. Monthly premium starts at R132. Individual policy is up to R50,000 while family cover is up to R250,000, which includes cover for 3 children. Additional benefits and conditions are available from the Clientèle website.

Contact Clientèle:

Clientèle Head Office:
Tel: 011 320 3000
Fax: 011 320 3133
E-mail Life: services@clientele.co.za
E-mail Legal: legalservices@clientele.co.za

Physical Address:
Clientèle Office Park
Corner Rivonia and Alon Road
Morningside, 2196

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