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AVBOB Life Insurance


AVBOB, is one-stop funeral insurance and burial service provider, and the largest Mutual Assurance Society in Africa. They only have policyholders, meaning that whatever income the company generates benefit the policyholders as there are no shareholders to take a major share of the company’s profits.

Policy holders who avail of AVBOB funeral services receive other benefits over and above the existing full value of the policy including:

• Free basic funeral service if the holder’s policy is two years or more (subject to terms and conditions)
• Free transportation of the deceased within South Africa (subject to terms and conditions)
• R1,000 cash upfront to cover initial expenses
• Plus an additional 15% to the total value of the assurance, which can be converted into a 6-month Retrenchment Benefit

AVBOB Insurance Products

1. Cashback Funeral Cover is a plan that allows you to start saving for your future funeral expenses. For every 5 years that a claim is not made on the policy, AVBOB gives you back all the premiums you’ve paid for the entire 5th year in cash. The Cashback Funeral Cover is flexible so you have the option to choose at what level and the person who will be covered by it. Other benefits include:

  • Accident benefit – death caused by an accident gives you a double payout.
  • Breadwinner benefit – for the insured who pays his own premiums, your death entitles your spouse, parents and children to remain covered by an AVBOB policy. No medical examination will be required from them.
  • Children’s benefit – you can add as many qualified children under your policy and only pay for one child.
  • Extended family benefit – the insured can include up to 6 family members in the original policy
  • Parent benefit – the insured can add the spouse and the parents to a Funeral Cashback Policy. Your spouse’s parents can also receive cover if he/she is included in your policy.
  • Spouse benefit – you have the option to have your spouse covered by a separate benefit plan

The waiting period for the benefit payment is 6 months if death is by natural causes. There is no waiting period if the death is by accident, provided that the policy has started and that the first premium payment was paid.

2. AVBOB Family Funeral Insurance – The plan provides between R10,000 to R20,000 depending on the plan. The maximum entry age for this plan is 65 years on the next birthday. There is no extra premium for children included in the plan and will cover them from birth until age 20. It can be extended to age 25 if they are full time students and not yet earning any income. Check the website for additional benefits and conditions under this plan.

3. AVBOB Extended Family Insurance
– This plan will cover your children up to 20 years of age or until they are 25 years old if they are full time students and not receiving any income. This policy covers your entire family, including extended family members. The insurance amount for the applicant and spouse should be above R10,000 and up to R30,000, while parents’ coverage is up to R20,000 and R10,000 for extended family members. Beneficiaries will receive double the amount of the insurance value if the death of the insured is due to an accident. More benefits, plus terms and conditions are available on the AVBOB website.

AVBOB Contact Information

  • Address: AVBOB Building, 368 Madiba Street, Pretoria, 0002
  • Postal Address: PO BOX 1661, Pretoria, 0001
  • Email: info@AVBOB.co.za
  • Phone:  +27 12 303 1000
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